Mrs. Klettke

Dear Parents,

Here are the spelling words we have covered this year so far. Please practice these words with your child each day. Each Friday, quiz your child on any 6 words + the 4 sentences given and see how they do! Remember to use capitals and periods for each sentence.

June 15 (rhyming words): walk, talk, chalk, swim, trim, brim, (others): around, fly, grass, before

June 8 (rhyming words): soon, balloon, best, quest, could, would, should (others): best, real, really

June 1 (rhyming words): ate, plate, crate, lunch, crunch, munch, ever, never (others): glad, off

May 25 (rhyming words): know, grow, glow, slow, show (others): teacher, read, write, story, lots

May 19 (rhyming words): get, wet, pet, why, try, my (others): asked, happy, put, who

May 11 (rhyming words): wish, fish, swish, green, been, seen (others): give, birthday, present, were

May 4 (rhyming words): nice, dice, mice, spice, price, (others): baby, family, mother, father, people

April 27 (rhyming words): ride, glide, slide, park, shark, spark (others): game, from, any, many

April 20 (rhyming words): how, cow, plow, store, chore, shore (others): because, next, try, made

April 14 (rhyming words): thing, swing, string, boat, float, throat (others): something, funny, some, friend

April 6 (rhyming words): stop, chop, shop, night, bright, light (others): boy, girl, work, oh

March 9 (rhyming words): new, blew, chew, stew, flew (others): want, water, wash, help, very

March 2 (rhyming words): time, dime, chime, slime, prime (others): morning, once, playing, coming, upon

February 24 (rhyming words): last, fast, past, saw, paw, straw (others): away, can't, first, your

February 18 No Spelling this week!

February 10 (rhyming words): week, cheek, creek, out, sprout, about, shout (others): house, or, I'll

February 3 (rhyming words): then, when, den, hen, pen, ten (others): them, good, has, bus

January 27 (rhyming words): make, shake, quake, down, town, brown (others): if, yellow, see, school

January 21 We're using the words from last week as they were not completed due to snow days

January 14 (rhyming words): but, shut, nut, eat, cheat, treat, (others): his, her, here, there

January 6 (rhyming words): old, cold, gold, year, dear, hear (others): one, two three, of

December 16 (rhyming words): back, shack, quack, track, black (sight words): today, yesterday, home, after, come

December 9 (rhyming words): all, ball, stall, did, slid, grid (sight words): ask, I'm, isn't, said

December 3 (rhyming words): name, blame, game, book, look, shook (sight words): have, are, little, live

November 25 (rhyming words): will, thrill, quill, chip, ship, flip (sight words): she, that, what, with

November 18 (rhyming words): big, wig, pig, dog, fog, frog, bed, bud, bad (sight words): they

November 13 (rhyming words): run, fun, spun, glad, sad, had (sight words): up, going, we, was

November 5 (rhyming words):  day, play, tray, may, red, sled, shed (sight words): yes, he, for

October 28 (rhyming words): got, spot, dot, went, spent, me, she (sight words): on, no, you

October 21 (rhyming words): it, quit, like, spike, my, why, in, chin (sight words): go, is

October 15 (rhyming words): and, can, at, am, land, that, swam, than (sight words): to, the

October 7 (short e): hen, red, vet, bed, leg, them, when, check, shed, mess

September 30 (short u): pup, rug, gum, fun, nut, rush, thud, puck, buzz, much

September 24 (short o): job, got, pop, box, rot, sock, shop, moth, Bob, dog

September 16 (short i): hid, kid, dig, pig, fin, tin, quit, sit, thick, chick

September 9 (short a): rat, man, yam, bat, van, jam, cat, an, Pam, am

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