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Dear Parents,

Here are the spelling words: [the current list is on the next line]

June 17: There is no more spelling this year! Look for the following summer words on our word wall: vacation, holiday, warm, summer, weather, beautiful

June 10 (rhyming words): vacation, action, lotion, option, motion (others): summer, holiday, weather, beautiful, warm

June 3 (rhyming words): walk, talk, chalk, swim, trim, brim (others): around, fly, grass, before

May 27 (rhyming words): could, would, should, soon, balloon (others): best, start, real, really, quest

May 21 (rhyming words): ate, plate, crate, lunch, crunch, munch, ever, never (others): glad, off

May 13 (rhyming words): know, grow, glow, slow, show,  (others): teacher, read, write, story, lots

May 6 (rhyming words): get, wet, pet, why, try, my (others): asked, happy, put, who

April 29 (rhyming words): wish, fish, swish, green, been, seen (others): give, birthday, present, were

April 23 (rhyming words): nice, dice, mice, spice, price (others): baby, family, mother, father, people

April 15 (rhyming words): ride, slide, glide, park, shark, spark, any, many (others): game, from

April 8 (rhyming words): how, cow, plow, store, chore, shore (others): because, next, try, made

April 1 (rhyming words): thing, swing, string, boat, float, throat (others): something, funny, some, friend

March 11 (rhyming words): stop, chop, shop, night, bright, light (others): boy, girl, work, oh

March 4 (rhyming words): new, blew, chew, stew, flew (others): want, water, wash, help, very

February 25 (rhyming words): time, dime, chime, slime, prime (others): morning, once, playing, coming, upon

February 19 No spelling this week!

February 11 (rhyming words): last, fast, past, saw, paw, straw (others): away, can't, first, your

February 4 (rhyming words): week, cheek, creek, out, sprout, about, shout (others): house, or, I'll

January 28 (rhyming words): then, when, den, hen, pen, ten (others): them, good, has, bus

January 21 (rhyming words): make, shake, quake, down, town, brown (others): if, yellow, see, school

January 14 (rhyming words): but, shut, nut, eat, cheat, treat, (others): his, her, here, there

January 7 (rhyming words): old, cold, gold, year, dear, hear (others): one, two three, of

December 17 (rhyming words): back, shack, quack, track, black (others): home, today, yesterday, after, come

December 10 (rhyming words): all, ball, stall, did, slid, grid (sight words): ask, I'm, isn't, said

December 3 (rhyming words): name, blame, game, book, look, shook (sight words): have, are, little, live

November 26 (rhyming words): will, thrill, quill, chip, ship, flip (sight words): she, that, what, with

November 19 (rhyming words): big, wig, pig, dog, fog, frog, bed, bud, bad (sight words): they

November 13 (rhyming words): run, fun, spun, glad, sad, had (sight words): up, going, we, was

November 5 (rhyming words):  day, play, tray, may, red, sled, shed (sight words): yes, he, for

October 29 (rhyming words): got, spot, dot, went, spent, me, she (sight words): on, no, you

(October 22 (rhyming words): it, quit, like, spike, my, why, in, chin (sight words): go, is

October 15 (rhyming words): and, can, at, am, land, that, swam, than (sight words): to, the

October 9 (short e): hen, red, vet, bed, leg, them, when, check, shed, mess

October 1 (short u): pup, rug, gum, fun, nut, rush, thud, puck, buzz, much

September 24 (short o): job, got, pop, box, rot, sock, shop, moth, Bob, dog

September 17 (short i): hid, kid, dig, pig, fin, tin, quit, sit, thick, chick

September 10 (short a): rat, man, yam, bat, van, jam, cat, an, Pam, am

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