Links for Students

  • Office 365 - Student online Vritual Classroom and Office 2016 product access
  • Study Ladder - Student learning in all subject areas.
  • Google - A good search engine
  • Ask for Kids - A search engine for kids
  • - Type in a question and find the answer!
  • Yahooligans - A search engine for kids
  • Online Dictionary - Don't know what a word means? This is the place to look. Quicker and easier than a big book!
  • Online Thesaurus - If you need a more interesting word to say the same thing, just look up your boring word for more exciting options!
  • Early Reading Links (Primary) - Teachers, this is a link to an article on early childhood reading. Within the article are many different links to early reading online practice activities. This was recommended and well used by teachers and students in other districts that have been using our links page. Check it out and find the link that works best for your students' needs.
  • ABCya Where Education and Technology Meet! Free educational computer games and activities for elementary students to learn on the web.
  • Starfall - Starfall is a well known site meant for helping children learn to read through phonics (learning letter sounds). Colourful and fun while providing great reading instruction and practice.
  • Primary Games (Grades K through 6) - Lots of fun games here, covering common subjects like Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and more.
  • Story Line - This is a free site with actors reading stories fluently and with expression.
  • Fun Brain - Games and activities in Math, Language, Socials and more. Kids love this site.
  • Kid Info - Homework help, references and resources, search engines, fun sites, online stories and fun activities for children. There are resources for teachers and parents too.
  • Cool Math For Kids - Very busy site you could get lost in but it has some really good stuff: games, skill practice and teaching of concepts.
  • Bill Nye - Link to lots of those crazy, fun and educational Bill Nye videos.
  • Arcademic Skill Builders - This is a fun site that is set up for practicing basic skills in several subject areas.
  • Sheppard Software (All Ages) - This site provides a wealth of free games, puzzles, quizzes, and more. An impressive, rich resource of fun educational games and activities.
  • Fun School (pre-K through Grade 6) - The site offers more than 300 interactive games and activities that are fun and easy to use.
  • Discovery Games (Grades 3 and up) - Dozens of activities, organized into 4 categories: Games, Quizzes, Puzzles, and Interactives.
  • National Geographic Channel (Grades 3 and up) - This site features a variety of games and interactives and leans towards various science and history based adventures and activities, rather than the traditional subjects-specific types of games on many other sites.

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