Vedder Elementary is a special learning community where students, staff and parents are engaged  in meaningful learning each day. Our mission is to ensure that "Vedder Bears have kind hearts and curious minds."  

February Virtue: Kindness 

Principal's February Message:

Our virtue for the month of February is: Kindness 

Students will be taught that kindness is showing you care and doing something positive to make life better for others. It is being thoughtful about peoples needs. The world would be lonely without kindness. Being kind allows us to feel connected to everything and everyone. You can further support these teachings at home by reinforcing the following signs of success in showing kindness to others:

  • I give attention to someone who is sad or needs help
  • I practice habits that help the environment (reduce, reuse, recycle)
  • I accept people who are different
  • I treat myself and others gently

Until next time,

Mrs. Tracy Wagner


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Brain Teasers!

Brain teaser of the week

Mr. Fast and Mr. Wojcik have brought back the Brain Teaser of the Week! The teasers are posted on the bulletin board right in front of the office. You can put your answers in the white bin and they will draw for a winner!