Vedder Elementary is a special learning community where students, staff and parents are engaged  in meaningful learning each day. Our mission is to ensure that "Vedder Bears have kind hearts and curious minds.  

October Virtue - Thankfulness 

Principal's October Message:

Our virtue for the month of October is: Thankfulness 

Students will be taught that thankfulness is being grateful for what we have.  It is an attitude of gratitude for what we are learning, loving and being.  Appreciate the little things that happen around you and within you every day.  Think positively.  Thankfulness brings contentment.  You can further support these teachings at home by reinforcing the following signs of success in showing thankfulness:

  • I appreciate my own abilities instead of envying others
  • I see the difficulties of life as opportunities to learn
  • I appreciate the beauty of this world

Until next time,

Mrs. Tracy Wagner


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