Dear Parents,

You can access this website anywhere with your phone to practice your week's words. Please see lessons for the sentences (sent home in planners). As of November 27th, we are adding a sentence to the weekly quiz.

December 8 (rhyming words): big, wig, pig, dog, fog, frog, bed, bud, bad (sight words): they

November 27 (rhyming words): run, fun, spun, glad, sad, had (sight words): up, going, we, was

November 20 (rhyming words):  day, play, tray, may, red, sled, shed (sight words): yes, he, for

November 14 (rhyming words): got, spot, dot, went, spent, me, she (sight words): on, no, you

November 6 (rhyming words): it, quit, like, spike, my, why, in, chin (sight words): go, is

October 30 (rhyming words): and, can, at, am, land, that, swam, than (sight words): to, the

October 23 (short e): hen, red, vet, bed, leg, them, when, check, shed, mess

October 16 (short u): pup, rug, gum, fun, nut, rush, thud, puck, buzz, much

October 10 - (short o): job, got, pop, box, rot, sock, shop, moth, Bob, dog

October 3 - no spelling this week

September 25 (short i): hid, kid, dig, pig, fin, tin, quit, sit, thick, chick

September 18 (short a): rat, man, yam, bat, van, jam, cat, an, Pam, am


Happy Spelling, Jeannie Klettke





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