Mrs. Klettke

Dear Parents,

With the new year comes new challenges. Each week we will have a list of 10 spelling words. There will be 5 sight words and 5 pattern words. Our first pattern is the 'sh' sound. There will also be two challenge words each week. Students will print their words in their planners each Monday and we will have a quiz each Friday. As a class we will practice the words during the week but it will help your child to practice at home as well.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Here are the words: [the current list is on the next line]


April 16: up, could, would, very, find, car, dark, bark, park, harm, [Spring, bunny]

April 10: if, see, help, no, who, pay, hay, day, say, ray [Easter, egg]

April 3: how, now, down, when, then, rung, lung, hung, stung, sprung, [flower, pretty]

March 12: she, will, here, there, where, bang, hang, rang, fang, sprang, [school, field]

March 5: do, like, said, were, what, sing, king, ring, wing, sting, [sunny, muddy]

February 26: one, once, but, not, all, sand, hand, stand, brand, grand, [rain, puddle]

February 19: I, or, for, had, have, rich, chat, chum, chap, porch, [love, heart]

February 13: he, be, they, this, from, chop, much, chin, such, chip [sick, sneeze]

February 5: on, as, with, his, was, moth, froth, path, thin,tenth [card, friend]

January 29: it, at, that, you, your, this, bath, cloth, math, both [snow, chill]

January 22: and, a, to, in, of, wash, shut, trash, rush, dish [cold, jacket]

January 15: the, can, are, is, we, ship, wish, shop, cash, fish, [bonus words are winter and skate]