Vedder Elementary is a special learning community where students, staff and parents are engaged  in meaningful learning each day. Our mission is to ensure that "Vedder Bears have kind hearts and curious minds.  

November Virtue - Peacefulness

Principal's November Message:

Our virtue for the month of November is: Peacefulness.  Students will be taught that peacefulness is an inner sense of calm in quiet moments of reflection or gratitude.  It is getting very quiet and looking at things so you can understand them.  Peacefulness is a way of approaching conflict with others so that no one is made wrong. It is being fair to others and yourself. Peace is giving up the love of power for the power of love.  You can further support these teachings at home by reinforcing the following signs of success in showing peacefulness:

  • I use peaceful language even when I am angry
  • I speak gently and respectfully
  • I avoid harming anyone
  • I find peaceful solutions to every problem

Until next time,

Mrs. Tracy Wagner


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