Mrs. Keith-Gratton

Spelling words will be given each Monday and tested on the last day of each week.  Also, an individual letter, a means of communication enabling your child to write to you, will be completed every Friday in his/her Home Journal to share with you of his/her week at our school.  We ask that you take on the joy and responsibility of reading your child’s Home Journal every weekend, and replying in it with a letter from you.  Either Mrs. Keith-Gratton will read that which is written in your child’s journal, and we reply to both you and your child in writing.  You will be able to read this on Friday when your child brings this home.  Hence, please hand in your child’s journal each and every Monday.

Your child’s Planner is a very important means of daily communication.  Everyday, your child will write down homework.  The Chilliwack School District takes one’s grade level multiplied by ten, hence 30, and these are the number of minutes, reading inclusive, to enable your child homework daily.  You need to read his/her Planner every day, discuss it with your child, and take time to ask your son or daughter about it.  Communication is significantly important.

Reading at least 20 minutes at home is that for which we are adamant.  Take time to read with your son/daughter, to listen to him/her read, to ask questions, and to think beyond the simple and/or elaborate words of each chapter or story.  If your child knows that you are interested in his/her learning, s/he will try harder to succeed.  Your participation makes a difference.

At any time, please feel free to contact me at the defined e-mail address.  I will reply as soon as possible thereafter.  I welcome your involvement in your child’s class and I welcome you and your child to Grade Three.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Keith-Gratton

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