School Growth Plan 2016-2021

Posted on: October 17th, 2016

School Growth Plan

We are excited to share the work our staff has been doing behind the scenes to continue in our journey of ensuring Vedder Elementary is "a community that inspires strong character and powerful thinking".  Attached you will find our School Growth Plan for the years 2016-2010.  Although it looks pretty official and complete, please understand that it is a living document meaning that it will evolve as the needs of our students change.  Our Growth Plan is purposeful in it's alignment with our District Strategic Plan which has the following priorities:

Instruction:  Improving student achievement and well-being through high quality instruction  

Community/Culture:  Strengthening meaningful relationships within and across schools, district and community to support success for students.

Social/Emotional Wellness:  Enhancing the culture, climate and learning environment to maintain a sense of belonging diversity, well-being and safety

Resources:  Aligning and allocating resources, equitably, responsibly and effectively, to support goals and key initiatives

If you have any questions or suggestions involving our School Growth Plan, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Tracy Wagner, Principal, Vedder Elementary School.  


Downloadable Files: