Mrs. Shea

Welcome to our class webpage!

Our classroom is now online with a Virtual Classroom website and Student Dashboard.  Find the site under Student Information then select Virtual Classroom.  You and your child will need to sign on using the personal computer six digit username number and the computer birthdate password  (yyyymmdd). 

Each day we complete our planner reminders and I check them in class.  Please discuss the planner daily with your child to help build organizational skills and responsibility.


Please set aside a time of day for regular review and practice.  Each day your child should be reading for a minimum of 20 minutes.  Another daily review task should be to review timetables so that they are memorized.

Homework and assignments will now be posted on the Virtual Classroom site.  Please check our Virtual Classroom regularly for details.

The Writing Process:

In our class we are learning the writing process.  We write the way an author would write.  We spend time working on our pre-writing which includes brainstorming ideas and writing an outline.  Next we write the rough draft.  Your child will bring the rough draft home for revision frequently.  When it comes home for revision you can have your child read it to you and look for details and description.  In class I teach lessons specific to learning the revision process.  Once the rough copy has been revised then we edit for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitals.  Finally, we write the good copy.  This process may take several days and you may see the same piece of writing come home a few times for revision.  Authors revise and edit many drafts of their writing before submitting their final piece of work.  We know that each time we revise and edit we make our writing better than it was initially.  The revision process is the most powerful process for writers to grow and develop their writing skills.


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