Mrs. Liebe

Welcome to our Grade 6 web page. Below you will find information and links related to our class. These links can and will be added to and changed with new information being added regularly. Please visit them as often as possible to keep up to date with important information.

Upcoming Dates: 

Wednesday, October 18th Kelowna Ballet Performance at GWG. $5 Permission Forms are due. 

Wednesday, October 18th Early Dismissal at 11:30. Student Led Conferences 11:30-12:30 and 3:00-6:00. 


Homework is assigned as students need to catch up on work not completed in class. Remember to never leave work at home! Finished or not it needs to be back in class the next day (preferably finished of course). 

We have a new Virtual Classroom called Office 365. It provides students with the opportunity to upload, save and create documents online with Office 2016 applications even if they don't have them at home. Families can download up to two copies of Office 2016 on home computers as well. This is also a place for announcements, class communication and documents. I will be using it extensively now that it is finally set up. Please encourage your child to sign in regularly especially if they are away as I will post assignments there. I'm hoping the calendar will get working but for now we will use the "Classroom" portion of Office 365 only. Students log in using their normal student number in front of and we have all logged in at school so they should know how to do this. 

Important Notes:

Please go to our class web page.  Students can access Office 365. This Virtual Classroom is accessible by all users in the school district so we will be discussing the importance of privacy and appropriate use of the blogs.  These resources are meant to be used as a learning and communication tool for our classroom community and I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do with it.  It can be accessed by clicking on the highlighted words. 

Behaviour Tracking - I have set up a system (Class Dojo) to keep track of daily positive and negative behaviours in the classroom.  Students receive positives for excellent behaviour and effort. They also receive them for doing online work to develop and improve their basic skills.  Parents and students can log on to this site to get regular reports, work on self reflection and adjust their avatar.

Xtra Math - This site is meant for extra practice with the basic facts.  It is timed and for good reason.  If students can recall their basics facts quickly and easily it will improve their skills in other areas of the math curriculum.  Practicing these skills daily is highly recommended either through this site or with other methods (flash cards, saying them out loud or writing them down). Parents can sign their child up for free and track their progress. 

Downloadable Files: